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The Story of a Dental Student

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All the tabs on my computer are currently about legal issues involving prostitution or dentistry. Talk about varied interests. . . . although I am living in the redlight district b/c of dental school.. . . .
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I felt like sending this to Dr. Amazing Math Guy, who is probably my favorite professor from undergrad (especially since Dr. PoliSci was my coach and Dr. Ace was my PI). After sending it, I figured I'd send it out to the internets and see what you guys think. ---

I often think of the comment you made over the summer "I think the best thing is to be from the East Coast, live on the West Coast, and surround yourself with other people from the East Coast."

The more I think about it, the more I feel I am in the "From the West Coast, living on the East Coast, and surrounding herself with people from the West Coast" category. This recent trip home has left me with an itch for all things California - the music, the clothes, the "culture."

It seems you can take the plastic out of your wallet, but you cannot take the plastic out of the girl. Sometimes I feel Southern Californian through-and-through, with all the contradictions, superficialities, and stereotypes. I wonder if I'll ever take anything seriously, take responsibility, or even take to the 405 at 5pm on a Monday.

It's a strange, enlightened, dittzy thing to think or want to share, but I figure if anyone would understand, it'd be you. It's crazy. In a sense, it's like embracing the "ignorance is bliss" philosophy I throw around when my deficient memory is pointed out in awkward social settings. I've been to over 30 countries (my parents recently made me count . . . sick family hobby), and while I only remember a handful, I can say with certainty that no place has made me rethink the concepts of "home" and "from" like this short year and a half I've passed in Boston.

As much as I like it out here, I miss the subversive and understated elegance of professors in shorts and faded baseball caps :D

--- And thanks for the comments on the previous post. I'm just got them, and I'll work on feeling fabulous!
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It's a funny feeling when you finally realize: Mom isn't CRAZY.

Well, crazy might not be the right term, but my mom, more than any other mom, has her quirks. For example she thinks it's polite dinner conversation to tell everyone at the table that my vagina is, in fact, Golden. In her defense, such exclamations are more of a strange family trait, like Tourette's, and considered very polite.

Long story short, my mom has been going around for years singing a little broken piece of some song she heard that one time on the elevator in Macy's. Since she has no sense of tune (sadly another family trait), all I could discern from her croonings was the refrain "Baby it's cold outside." I told her she was making things up. No such song existed since I hadn't heard it and since she hadn't heard it since that fateful shopping trip.

Well folks, today I learned that the song really exists. My mom is not crazy, and I am a horrible, horrible person.

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Long time no see, eh? Sorry lj babies, but I'm back with a techie question.

I want THIS:


and I want to put Office on it. I don't think I have a copy of Office . . . so . . . how do I go about getting it on my computer?

(Also . . how could I up its performance when I get it? I know ZERO about techiness . . )

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I never expected to be so excited about going home. EVER. It's not the idea of going back to California (the most awesome and amazing place on the planet) but also the idea of going home to the people I LOVE. I'm so looking forward to long stretches of time with everyone, and I'm so disappointed when I look at the calendar and see short little days and perhaps afternoons with the people who are so important to me.

If you had asked me even a month ago what my ideal August would be, I would have rattled off a list of countries and expeditions I was planning on taking - ALONE. Right now, I'm looking forward to simply being in the COMPANY of the people I love - not necessarily talking or doing anything in particular, just simply being comfortable, happy, and hopefully slightly buzzed.

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I will be Orange County-Los Angeles accessible Aug 2-5 and 19-21. I will be Las Vegas accessible Aug 5-9, San Diego accessible Aug 11-14/15, and Bay Area accessible Aug 15-18.

I WANT TO SEE EVERYONE. I think this Sunday after 11pm is already taken. Please select another time.

Bay Area ALERT - I'm looking for places to crash/people to visit. Any takers?

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PS - the bicycle has been named Sue Whee thanks to Nikki. I couldn't help the intended or unintended Wayne's World reference. She's a total BABE.
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So I was browsing the Internets when I stumbled upon this photo.

The girl on the right IMMEDIATELY caught my eye. Her ****face**** looks EXACTLY like mine - she's pulling the same dumb pose and stupid expression that I'd pull too! . . . . I think I even catch a glimpse of my underbite . . . . (please excuse the dental student).

I want to meet my double!!! (Image taken from NotCot w/o permission)
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